SAFVIC is a comprehensive law enforcement training program. The curriculum was developed with the assistance of experts from law enforcement, prosecution, and victim services. The course covers crucial aspects of law enforcement’s response to sexual assault and family violence crimes, and encourages the use of community-based resources to assist law enforcement’s efforts. SAFVIC uses a network of certified trainers to deliver this training on a local basis, which allows us to bring this free course to your area. Below is the 24-hour course outline:

*A student must complete all 24-hours and pass the final exam of registered course to receive TCOLE credit.*

24-Hour Course Schedule

  • Registration and Pretest
  • Course Overview
  • Dynamics of Family Violence
  • Family Violence Laws
  • Dynamics of Sexual Assault
  • Sexual Assault Laws
  • Sexual Assault & Family Violence Investigative Techniques
  • Stalking
  • Violence in Immigrant & Tribal Communities
  • Sexual Assault & Family Violence in the Military
  • Sexual Assault & Family Violence Against People with Disabilities, Deaf Individuals, and/or Adults in Later Life
  • Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault
  • Community Response & Victim Resources
  • Final Exam and Course/Instructor Evaluation

Advanced SAFVIC

*A student must successfully complete the 24-hour SAFVIC within the last two years to register for this course.*

The 8-hr Advanced SAFVIC Course educates Texas Peace Officers on:

  • Trauma-Informed Response
  • Interview Dynamics
  • Investigative Techniques
  • The Role of Crisis Negotiators Involving Family Violence
  • Victim Recovery and Services