The true first responders in any emergency are the telecommunication professionals, whose primary objectives are to respond to calls appropriately, and ensure victim and officer safety. The Sexual Assault &  Family Violence Investigator Course for Telecommunication Professionals (SAFVIC for TCPs) is designed to provide 911 call-takers across the state with the tools they need to effectively identify and facilitate sexual assault and family violence calls.

Upon passing the final exam, students attending the SAFVIC for TCPs training will receive 8-hours of TCOLE credit. The curriculum will include the following topics:

    • Statistics and History of Sexual Assault and Family Violence
    • Dynamics of Family Violence, Sexual Assault, Stalking, and Human Trafficking
    • Special Topics: FV/SA Against People with Disabilities and/or Adults Later in Life, FV/SA in the Military, and Violence in Immigrant & Tribal Communities
    • Understanding Victims & Safety Planning
    • Best Practices for Handling Sexual Assault and Family Violence Calls
    • State and Federal Laws