Resources: Law Enforcement

Below you will find links to supplemental materials mentioned in the SAFVIC student manual.

Dynamics of Family Violence

A Teen’s Guide to Safety

The College Student’s Guide to Safety

Power and Control Wheels:

Domestic Violence by Police Officers – Model Policy

Family Violence Laws

Texas Statutes

Dynamics of Sexual Assault

15 Myths that Enable Sex Offenders

Sexual Assault Laws

Checklist of VAWA Amendments to Clery

Texas Statutes

SA/FV Investigative Techniques

Danger/Lethality Assessment

Family Violence Offense Report Supplement

Domestic Violence Supplement Example

Head Injury Assessment

Strangulation Resources:

Sexual Assault Advocate Accompaniment: An Implementation Guide for Law Enforcement 

First Responder Sexual Assault Guide 

Family Violence Incident Decision Tree

Family Violence Injury Photo Protocol

Family Violence Supplement Diagram

Family Violence Supplement

Frequently Asked Questions: Anonymous Reporting and Forensic Examinations

“I Speak this language…”

Interview Questions for Children Guidelines

Lineup Viewing Form


Stalking: Connecting the Dots for Law Enforcement

Response to Stalking Report Review Checklist

SPARC – Resources for Law Enforcement 

Safety Net – Online Toolkits

IACP – Law Enforcement Cyber Center

A Checklist for Law Enforcement Response to Stalking

Stalking Incident and Behavior Log (with explanation)

Violence in Immigrant and Tribal Communities

U-Visa Certification Tool Kit for Law Enforcement

Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault

Detection Limits for DFSA Drugs

SA & FV against People with Disabilities and/or Adults Later in Life

Sexual Assault & Family Violence Against People With Disabilities and/or Older Adults – For full chapter please contact SAFVIC staff at (800) 848-2088.

Community Response and Victim Resources

Blueprint for Safety

Blueprint for Campus Police: Responding to Sexual Assault

SART Toolkit: Resources for Sexual Assault Response Teams

Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE)

Pseudonym Forms:

Additional Resources for Law Enforcement