Resources: Law Enforcement

Below you will find links to supplemental materials mentioned in the SAFVIC student manual.

Dynamics of Family Violence

A Teen’s Guide to Safety

The College Student’s Guide to Safety

Power and Control Wheels:

Additional Resources

Domestic Violence by Police Officers – Model Policy

Family Violence Laws

Texas Statutes

Dynamics of Sexual Assault

15 Myths that Enable Sex Offenders

Sexual Assault Laws

Checklist of VAWA Amendments to Clery

Texas Statutes

SA/FV Investigative Techniques

Danger/Lethality Assessment

Family Violence Offense Report Supplement

Head Injury Assessment

Strangulation Resources:

Sexual Assault Exam Request Form 

Additional Resources

Family Violence Incident Decision Tree

Family Violence Injury Photo Protocol

Family Violence Supplement Diagram

Family Violence Supplement

Frequently Asked Questions: Anonymous Reporting and Forensic Examinations

“I Speak this language…”

Interview Questions for Children Guidelines

Lineup Viewing Form


Additional Resources

Stalking Incident and Behavior Log (with explanation)

Violence in Immigrant and Tribal Communities

Additional Resources

U-Visa Certification Tool Kit for Law Enforcement

Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault

Detection Limits for DFSA Drugs

SA & FV against People with Disabilities and/or Adults Later in Life

Sexual Assault & Family Violence Against People With Disabilities and/or Older Adults – For full chapter please contact SAFVIC staff at (800) 848-2088.

Community Response and Victim Resources

Blueprint for Safety

Blueprint for Campus Police: Responding to Sexual Assault

SART Toolkit: Resources for Sexual Assault Response Teams

Pseudonym Forms: