SAFVIC - Human Trafficking Instructor Course

The SAFVIC – Human Trafficking Instructor Course is a 24-hour, 3-day training, held in Austin, TX.

Date: TBD
Place: TMPA Training Facility – Austin, TX
Application Deadline: TBD

** All applicants are required to complete and pass the SAFVIC 24-hour (TCOLE #3264) and the 8-hour SAFVIC – HT (TCOLE #3268) training. The application process is competitive and approximately 15 seats are available. **

Having the right group of instructors is absolutely crucial. A SAFVIC – Human Trafficking Instructor must have in-depth knowledge of the program and demonstrate sincere dedication to improving law enforcement’s response to human trafficking. All applicants must be a commissioned peace officer in the state of Texas. As becoming an instructor becomes more competitive, applicants will be scored on the following qualifications and criteria:

  • Must have taken and scored well on the 24-hour SAFVIC and 8-hour SAFVIC – HT course
  • Level of TCOLE license certification
  • Instructor’s certificate
  • Sensitivity to sexual exploitation, family violence, and other gender-related issues
  • Experience working with victims of human trafficking and/or extensive training received
  • Passion and commitment to human trafficking investigations
  • Advanced proficiency in presentation technology, especially Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
  • Proven public speaking ability
  • Positive role model within the department and the community
  • Geographical location is taken into consideration
  • Commissioned by a Texas agency
  • Letter of recommendation from supervisor
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SAFVIC Instructor Responsibilities: Instructors will be responsible for teaching the SAFVIC – HT, 8-hour curriculum. Instructors will be asked to teach a minimum of two classes within one year of completing the instructor course. SAFVIC Instructors will be the local point of contact and resource for local law enforcement agencies. Instructors will be expected to interact and network with local victim support coalitions.

SAFVIC Instructor Compensation: Upon successful completion of the SAFVIC – HT Instructor Course, instructors will be eligible to recover the cost of lodging, meals, and travel during the course. Grant funding allows for instructors to be compensated on a contractual basis for administering the program and coordinating the coalition effort.Instructors will receive $285 for the 8-hour class for a minimum of 10 students.